We're almost ready for Bass Ground 2.0

But we need a little help …

It's all about the music!

Bass Ground is an event organized  to show our dedication to the harder styles

What is hard dance?

Hard dance is just like any other electronic dance music … but a little harder. Not in volume, but in beats per minute (or BPM).

While ordinary dance music is about 128 – 132 BPM, hard dance starts around 145 and goes as high as 190.

Why Bass Ground?

The reason we’re trying to organize Bass Ground is because the lack of hard dance events in our area.

We just want to give young people (and older ones) who like hard dance the opportunity to attend an event which is not that expensive.

How can I help?

For Bass Ground we’re mainly looking for financial support. All kinds of financial support is welcome ofcourse.

But there are other ways ofcourse, we need a music installation, lights, people behind the bar and so much more!

Where will Bass Ground be organized?

We're based in Brakel Belgium, the most beautiful area of Flanders!